Executive Team


Chairman of the Board/ Interim CEO

Ryan Drexler is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Consac, LLC (“Consac”), a privately held firm that invests in the securities of publicly traded and venture-stage companies. Previously, Mr. Drexler served as President of Country Life Vitamins, a family owned nutritional supplements and natural products company he joined in 1993. In addition to developing strategic objectives and overseeing acquisitions for Country Life, Mr. Drexler created new brands that include the BioChem family of sports and fitness nutrition products. Mr. Drexler negotiated and led the process which resulted in the sale of Country Life in 2007 to the Japanese conglomerate Kikkoman Corp. Mr. Drexler graduated from Northeastern University, where he earned a BA in political science.

Brent Baker

Executive VP of Sales

Brent Baker joined MusclePharm® in March 2012 to spearhead all aspects of International Business.  Using innovative and strategic thinking, while also tapping deep client relationships through a network built over a 15-year career, Baker consistently delivers high-performance. He continually challenges his team to collaborate in building global sales and expansion for the company. Before coming to MusclePharm®, Baker held leadership roles at Twinlab Corporation, Abbott, E.A.S. International, Cisco Systems and AT&T Broadband.

Brian Casutto


MusclePharm® has over 100 employees and 5 different offices, expanding globally to service a variety of functions and help bring the best products and customer experience in sports nutrition.

  • Boise, ID:  Sales & Accounting
  • Denver, CO: Corp Headquarters
  • Franklin, TN: Distribution Center
  • Hamilton, Canada:  Canada Division
  • Newark, Ohio: Social Media & Customer Service Center

Full Company List:

First Name Last Name Title
Debbie Adams Senior Accountant
Danielle Byrd Staff Accountant
Megan Carley Chief Accountant
Tia Davis Senior Accountant
Meridith Genuchi Senior Accountant
Travis Johnston Staff Accountant
Kyle Morrell Corporate Controller
Zach Perry Staff Accountant

Human Resources:
First Name Last Name Title
Sarah Gwinn Human Resources Manager
Information Technology:
First Name Last Name Title
Mickey Bernatek Network Administrator
Kyle Gosnell VP of Information Technology
Daniel Lapp IT Desktop Support
Todd Leslie Network and Desktop Support Specialist
Matt McElligott Senior Web Developer
First Name Last Name Title
Kalina Pagano VP & General Counsel
Logistics & Distribution:
First Name Last Name Title
Lisa Brasure TN Freight Coordinator
Louis Brown TN Warehouse Associate
Greg Crews Customer Relations Supervisor
Curtis Davis TN Warehouse Associate
Jeff Ellis Inventory Controller
John Horkins TN Warehouse Associate
Adam Hughes TN Warehouse Associate
Darren Hughes TN Warehouse Associate
Corey Mckissack TN Warehouse Associate
Stephanie McLean TN Warehouse Associate
Jermaine Moore Shipping & Receiving Lead
Brent Newcomb TN Warehouse Associate
Thomas Parks TN Warehouse Associate
Gary Thompson Tennesse Operations Manager
Jennifer Wright Warehouse Supervisor
First Name Last Name Title
Josh Hachat Director of Social Media
Joseph Lawanson Director of Team Development
Office Administration:
First Name Last Name Title
Chad Allen Specialized Project Manager
Stacey Jo Cannon Tennessee Warehouse Receptionist
Joel Jensen Strategic Project Manager
Shirley Johnson Executive Assistant
Sarah Johnston Executive Assistant
Karly Jones Executive Assistant
Carla Pratt Receptionist/Documentation Specialist
Mark Miller Director of Supply Chain & Transportation
Mindy White Executive Assistant to the CEO
Matthew Zucco Sales & Operations Analyst
Sales & Customer Service:
First Name Last Name Title
Mike Alfieri Outside Sales Rep-NJ
Alejandro Almaguer Outside Sales Rep-So Cal
Michelle Argy Outside Sales Rep-Florida
Brent Baker Sr. VP of International Business
Mike Beiker Online Account Manager
Carl Belgiorno Outside Sales Rep- New York
Kandace Byrns FitMiss Inside Sales Representative
Luke Campbell University Rep Manager
Todd Collis FDM Sales Director
Will Cudahy International Sales Support Representative
Jason Daniel East Coast Regional Sales Manager
Brad Fox Sales Account Manager
Andrew Hadley Outside Sales Rep-So Cal
Joe Hazah Inside Sales Representative
Pablo Islas Inside Sales Representative
Sean Jennings Outside Sales Rep-Utah
Nate Johnson West Coast Regional Sales Manager
Kimo Luna Outside Sales Rep-Hawaii
Drew Miller Outside Sales Rep-Colorado/Event Coordinator
Booker Nabors Inside Sales Manager
Kevin Tipper Outside Sales Rep- Nor Cal
Brandon Titmus Inside Sales Representative
Abram Ullrich Outside Sales Rep-Arizona
Adam Ullrich Outside Sales Manager
Amy von Rummelhoff FitMiss Sales Manager
Danny Walter Outside Sales Rep-Chicago
Derek West Senior VP of Sales
Dustin Williams Account Sales Manager
Research and Development
First Name Last Name Title
Laura Carson Educational Coordinator
Paul Falcone Research Coordinator
Michael Kim Executive Director of Medicine, Research and Education
Tyler McCann Quality Assurance Coordinator
Jordan Moon Research Institute Director
Edison Tai Ed.D Lab Coordinator
Board Of Directors

The Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee of MusclePharm, Corp. (the “Committee”) considers and evaluates candidates for appointment or election to the Board of Directors. In evaluating potential candidates for suitability, the Committee considers many factors to identify individuals with the requisite intelligence, education, experience, and character to make significant contributions to the Board of Directors.