MP Sports Science Center

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Welcome to the MusclePharm Sports Science Center & Research Institute. We are the only Sports Nutrition company with our own 35,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art athletic and testing space that is IRB compliant. MusclePharm recruited the industry’s brightest doctors and nutritionists for our team. So of course we had to give these professionals the tools they needed. Keeping our products on the edge of performance while maintaining the highest standards of safety is what sets our company – a company of athletes – apart.

Whether it’s medical or diagnostic, MusclePharm puts the best equipment that technology can design into our team’s hands. In our center, you will find:

  • DEXA®
  • Woodway® Treadmills
  • Keiser® Machines
  • Westside® Barbell Equipment
  • Hyperbaric Machines
  • Cold & Hot Therapy Tubs
  • Omegawave® Machines
  • Stem and Ultrasound Units
  • Smart Patch Units
  • Game Ready Units
  • UFC® Octagon
  • Basketball Court
  • Turf Football Field
  • Basketball Court
  • and of course, the most talented minds in sports medicine

When touring the workout area of the MusclePharm Sports Science Center, visitors tell us that it feels like an Olympic training center or the workout room of a pro sports team. Whether its Woodway®, Hammer Strength®, Keiser® or the innovative Omegawave® Machine, our lineup of performance equipment is 100% professional grade, the best of the best.

These machines don’t just kill your muscles and make you sweat. They are essential in helping our team of doctors evaluate every MusclePharm product and athletes’ performance. For instance, we can use Olympic-quality machines like the high-speed treadmill that goes up to 25MPH to measure an athlete’s aerobic capacity, the VO2 max, while pushing them to exhaustion. The data received helps the doctors fine-tune our supplements and the custom tailor the athlete’s performance regimen.

Our Products are superior.
Our Research Center can prove it.

The most talented MDs and PhDs in the world of sports medicine deserve a full line-up of diagnostic and research equipment at their disposal. Think of our multi-disciplinary facility as a sports lab with the ability to perform phase I-IV clinical trials. Every product improvement we make is backed up by science, and this is where that happens. Applied science turns athletes into superior athletes, often times “breaking” science.

In our clinic we can perform bone scans, blood work, ultrasound to determine body composition, muscle and fat evaluations, a range of kidney and liver tests, cortisol tests, measure choice reaction time and much more. Everything we learn helps our team improve our products. Again: no other supplement maker is backing their products with extensive clinical testing like MusclePharm.

MP Sports Science Center is home to some of the biggest names in professional sports, as it is the ideal place for an elite athlete looking for the most advanced training center in the world.

Elite athletes know how to push their bodies to exhaustion, but the possibility of overworking or not recovering properly leading to overtraining is always there. Our team monitors every element of our athletes’ training, always looking help them train smarter and safer get more out of every element of their routine. We are the only Sports Nutrition company with the medical capacity to non- invasively evaluate an athlete’s overall physical situation.